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Dental implant

It interviewed the person who had experienced the implant operation.


Isn't there such symptom?
  • 虫歯が痛い
  • 詰め物がとれた
  • こどもの歯の治療
  • 歯がぐらぐらする
  • 知覚過敏が気になる
  • 歯のクリーニング
  • 歯を白くしたい
  • 口臭が気になる
  • 歯ぎしりが気になる
  • 銀歯を白くしたい
  • 無痛治療を受けたい
  • 歯を失ってしまった

The carbon dioxide laser treatment is free.

Preventative dentistry

Visit odontology department

Foul breath treatment

Message from director


Hi, I Sumairudentarukurinikku dental Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture.
We have to protect and nurture lifelong health of patients, we aim to practice preventive medicine with a focus on quality possible from a whole body grasp with the mouth.
And for the time patients spend in Sumairudentarukurinikku receive, with warmth and enthusiasm and kindness intended to be a valuable time to the expectations of health dreaming, is to provide medical services to the familiar I'll do my best. I want to continue to strive to meet your expectations as a reliable partner in dental patients through this way.

consultation hour

consultation hour

consultation hour


  1. インプラント治療について
  2. インプラント治療
  3. 予防歯科
  4. 訪問歯科診療
  5. 口臭専門治療
  6. 審美歯科
  7. 歯周病治療
  8. ホワイトニング
  9. 小児歯科
  10. 歯のクリーニング
  11. レーザー治療


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